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         Established in 1984, Anhui Children's Publishing House (a member of Time Publishing and Media Co., Ltd. after Anhui Publishing Group went public) is today one of China¡¯s most dynamic and creative publishers focused in the field of children¡¯s publishing, with international, professional and strong brand operating experience. It publishes over 400 new titles every year and enjoys an annual sale volume of 400 million yuan, with unique advantages and brands in Animation & Comics, Children¡¯s Literature and Preschool Books.
Anhui Children's Publishing House is an ¡°A-level Credit Enterprise¡± audited by both National and Local Tax Bureau. It was awarded the following honorary titles: ¡°National Advanced Collective in Press and Publication¡±, ¡°Top 100 National Outstanding Publishers¡± and ¡°Level I Publishing House¡± by the General Administration of Press and Publication; ¡°National Advanced Unit in Book Rights Export¡± by National Copyright Administration.
Anhui Children's Publishing House publishes a wide range of quality books created to uplift, inspire and entertain children of all ages. Following a policy of continual market research and technical experimentation, it¡¯s specialized in producing innovative children¡¯s books of high educational value and graphic quality at competitive prices for the mass market in China, with dominant position in Early Learning, Animated Cartoon and Children¡¯s Literature. Its publications have won national book prizes of various kinds at different levels, such as the China Book Prize, the National Book Prize and the "Five-A Project: A Good Book" Prize. Its TV tie-in animated cartoon book series entitled ¡°HOMER & LANDAU - Legend of Seven Knights¡± (20-volume set) has been at the top of the children's bestseller list and has sold 16 million copies so far.
   Mainstay of our publications:
Children¡¯s and Juvenile Literature
ACG licensed character tie-in books (Animation, Comics & Game)
Preschool Books (Education & Activity)
information & reference books
textbooks and educational resources

         Anhui Children's Publishing House cooperates worldwide to supplement its own catalogue with the acquisition of overseas rights and licenses (such as Angry Birds, Transformers, Battleship, Ironman, National Geographic, Harry Potter, 3rd & Bird, Pepper Pig, Bakuman, Ultraman, etc.). It also creates and produces children¡¯s books for the international co-editions market. In the last few years, the publishing house has imported over 700 titles of books and exported over 600 titles through copyright transactions, all of which have good sales results in the respective markets.
Our partners:
Barefoot, Boxer, Bloomsbury, Capstone, HarperCollins, Hasbro, Hyperion, Lerner, Marvel, Nancy Springer, National Geographic, Simon & Schuster, Taylor & Francis, Viking, Warner Bros., Scarecrow,¡­ (US) ; Tormont, ¡­ (Canada); Little Hare, ¡­ (Australia)
Amber, BBC, Chrysalis, David Almond, DK, Firecrest, Kingfisher, Meadowside, Miles Kelly, Miroslav Sasek, Orpheus, Penguin, Pinwheel, Scholastic, ¡­ (UK)
Albin Michel, Anna Chanel, Auzou, Bouts de Papier, Fleurus, Frimousse, Gallimard Jeunesse, Flammarion, Hatier & Didier, Le Buveur d¡¯Encre¡­ (France)
Hemma, Dupuis, Ballon, ¡­ (Belgium)
ARKA, Dami, DeAgostini, Edicart, Giunti,  ¡­ (Italy)
Baumhaus, Bertelsmann, Friedrich Oetinger, ¡­ (Germany); Dachs-Verlag, ¡­ (Austria)
Bajazzo, Berlin, NordS¨¹d, ¡­  (Switzerland); Patakis, ¡­  (Greece)
Daehan, I-seum comics, Jinsuni, Samsung, Sangsang School, Yolimon, ¡­ (Korea)
Anime International Company, Kaga Electronics, Poplar, Shueisha, Tsuburaya, ¡­  (Japan)
Phan Thi, Phuong Bac, Tan Viet, Vang Anh,¡­(Vietnam); Bookpoint (Thailand)
Digital Future, Dar al-jadid, ¡­(Arab countries)

          Anhui Children's Publishing House sincerely hopes to establish international partners for communication and cooperation in various forms. The concept behind all its publications is to pass the splendid culture on to the new generation, present a sunny childhood to children and a hopeful future to humankind.


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